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Perpetuating the work, ideas, and writings of Fr. Albert J Fritsch SJ (9/30/33 - 3/5/24). We who worked together with Fr. ritsch over the last several decades on the Earthhealing.info mission plan to honor the rich legacy of his works by continuing to release his writings, as he had long planned for us to do. Each week, we will post Fr. Fritsch's essays, and there are many new Daily Reflctions and special essays yet unpublished. We will continue our principal service by publishing a Daily Reflection on pertinent subjects.

This website began in 2004 and will continue as long as materials are available and funding permits. The weekday Reflections cover a variety of simple living topics and the weekend writings include homilies and other sacred issues. A variety of essays and poems appear here as well. We hope you find these and the other writings offered on the website beneficial.

Daily Reflections

By Al Fritsch, SJ

Earth Healing Daily Reflections by Al Fritsch, SJ

We invite you to read today's Daily Reflection, and visit us each day for a new offering!
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Recent News & Publications

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Appalachian Sensations A Journey Through the Seasons
Appalachian Sensations -
A Journey Through the Seasons

Text by Al Fritsch, SJ
Photos by Warren E. Brunner

This book offers uplifting
and insightful reflections by Al Fritsch,
illustrated by 140 photographs by
Warren Brunner celebrating the
people, places and natural wonders
of Appalachia's seasons.
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Photographs by Warren Brunner &

Available at Acclaim Press - click here.
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New Titles

Ethnic Atlas of the United States: National Maps 1980 - 2020

This ethnic atlas from Earthhealing, Inc. and published by Brassica Books, has been a work in process for over 40 years, perhaps longer than most research projects -- and involving the same three people over that multi-decade period. This book contains five specifically colored national maps from 1980 - 2020, showing ethnic pluralities of every U.S. County (3,126) using racial and ancestral data drawn from the last five federal decennial Censuses. Textual highlights are included about each state and major ethnic groups represented.
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* Digital eBook available at Amazon.com

The Gift of Appalachian Trees

By Al Fritsch, SJ (Author), Warren E. Brunner (Photographer)

The Appalachian region is blessed with trees that clothe our hills and hollers, and they prod us to celebrate these givers of many blessings. This photo-reflection series celebrates plant life, and specifically trees in all their many expressions of seasonal mood changes and variations. This is shown here by 72 tree-related activities in alphabetical order of human interactions along with a selection of choice photos. Click here to read more and access book.

The Latchstring Is Out
By Al Fritsch
Available now!

Words through the Seasons
Poems by Al Fritsch
Available now!

Promoting Harmony When Confronting Climate Change

By Al Fritsch, SJ

This book seeks to challenge this global problem from a spiritual perspective. A solely secular approach involving technical experts is insufficient to bring about a renewable energy economy. Rather, a spiritual outlook invites all people of good will to work together. Click here to read more and access book.

Healing Earth:Nine Reasons for Revolution
By Al Fritsch, SJ
Healing Earth: Nine Reasons for Revolution invites readers to become global activists in order to collaborate in addressing the impending climate change crisis. Click here for details.

Appalachian Water Reflections

Text by Al Fritsch, SJ
Photos by Warren E. Brunner

Water tells its own story, and we are immersed in it. Our Appalachian region is blessed with plentiful water in rivers, creeks, and springs, in showers, rainfall, snow, ice, mist, and clouds.
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