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complete list of video titles

How to Challenge Fracking
How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms
How to Halt Climate Change
How to Create an Early Garden
How to Be Familiar with Laudato Si.
Ch. I  What is Happening to Our Common Home
Ch. II The Gospel of Creation
Ch. III The Human Roots to the Ecological Crisis
Ch. IV Integral Ecology
Ch. V Lines of Approach and Action
Ch. VI Ecological Education and Spirituality
How to Plan Our Annual Work 

How to Address the Poor through Photography 
How to Get Young People Interested in Woodworking
How to Celebrate Wildlife through Art
The Many Uses of Poke
Virtually Wild Ginseng as an Alternative Crop
How to Grow Roses Like a Professional
Nuclear Workers Whistle Blower
How to Master Wheelchair Gardening
How to Enjoy Natural Places Safely
Ralph Conlee: Survivor of Coral Sea & Midway Battles
Solar Energy for Churches   
Ark Encounter - Not Without a Rainbow


How to Usher in Renewable Energy
Monitoring Solar Energy for Churches
How to Protest Oil Pipelines

Other possible 2017 videos:

Backyard Wildlife Habitats
Enjoy Forests in a Green Way
How to Promote Eco-Tourism (Kentucky focus)
Ten Edible Herbs Worth Growing
Gathering Wild Greens in Springtime
Appalachia's First Solar House
Edible Landscaping Tips
Celebrating Kentucky Wild Mushrooms
Ten Ways to Conserve Water
Butterfly Gardens in Appalachia
The World of Organic Apples 

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