Announcing a new Earthhealing Project: Resonance: The Echo of Our Triune God. This, my final work has been in the germination stage for a decade. It is based on the Christian insight that a Triune God is manifested throughout the physical, chemical and biological worlds, and most especially in the social, artistic, musical, caregiving, and global collaboration of human beings. That is my thesis, and I've devoted 2016 to exploring and deepening my understanding to make this more explicit. We wish to offer a digital version to serious commentators and reviewers. If interested, contact me for a special password to download the entire digital draft.

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Resonance: The Echo of Our Triune God

Table of Contents: 


Introduction: The Act of Resonatin                                                      

Part One: TYPES OF NATURAL RESONANCE                                                    

1. Physical Resonance                                                                       
                   a) Concepts of Time
                   b) Immense Space
                   c) Scientific Community

2. Chemical Resonance
                   a) Chemical Structures
                   b) Magnetic Resonance Applications
                   c) Individual Citizens and Chemicals

3. Biological and Acoustical Resonance                                       
                   a) Carbon and Bioresonance    
                   b) Acoustical Resonance and Eco-Balance
                   c) Measurement and Control of Pollution

4. Communicative Resonance       
                   a) Modern Communication
                   b) Education as Communication
                  c) Community Organizing and Enhancement
5. Artistic Resonance                                                                     
                   a) Artistic Creativity
                   b) External Resonance
                   c) Social Artistic Resonance
6. Musical Resonance                                                                         
                   a) Music Creation and Enhancement
                   b) Music Harmony
                   c) Music Universality

7. Psychological and Compassionate Resonance                     
                   a) Psychological Resonance
                   b) Compassionate Resonance 
                   c) Sacrifice and Suffering as Meaningful

 8. Resonance in Collaboration
                   a) Types of Collaborative Efforts
                   b) Resonance in Ecological Collaboration
                   c) Preserving and Enhancing Civilization


Part Two: PROCLAIMING MYSTICAL RESONANCE                                           

9. God Calls Us: Mystic Resonance                            
                   a) Experiencing HERE
                   b) Acknowledging NOW
                   c) Incorporating WE

10. Creation Praises God in Christ                                           
                   a) Creation as Blessing
                   b) Restoration as Necessary
                   c) Sacred Scripture Speaks

11. Holy Spirit as Giver of life                                                                       
                   a) Spiritual Life
                   b) Listening to the Spirit
                   c) Community Discernment

12. God is Triune                                                                                      
                   a) Invitation to the Divine Family
                   b) The Trinity Revealed
                   c) Basic Trust in God

13. God Incarnate and Our Divinization                                         
                   a) Divine/Human Meeting
                   b) Incarnate Sharing: The Divine Family
                   c) Divinization

14. God is Love: Eucharist as Divine Communication                          
                   a) God's Love
                   b) Eucharist as Nourishment
                   c) Divine Liturgy as Celebration

15. Suffering Servants                                                                      
                   a) Compassionate Resonance Intensified
                   b) Social and Ecological Way of the Cross
                   c) Heart-to-Heart Reparation

 16. Proclaiming Good News                                                          
                   a) Trinitarian Community
                   b) Global Resonance and Empowerment
                   c) Collaborative Service as Mystic Resonance

Conclusion: Simply a Pause                                                                        

End Notes                                                                                                      



          This book is dedicated to all believers in a future; these are committed to improving the quality of life for our brothers and sisters throughout our Earth.  By sensing vibrations of harmony in the many ways possible, believers are better able to address our socially addicted society.  Urgency to act impels us forward to confront threats to our climate-changing planet and our civilization. 

Several of us were hiking in the dense rain forest of British Columbia when suddenly there appeared some massive wet footprints. While no expert on animal tracks, I knew fresh marks when I saw them and that meant something really big just ahead on the path.  My vivid imagination pictured -- possibly a bear?  Upon rounding the bend our eyes beheld a massive St. Bernard wagging its tail and eager to jump up and greet us.  Would that all authentic puzzles be so happily resolved.

        I prefer to deal with real puzzles and I am confronted by one with two components: 1) How can all of us who are collectively socially addicted to consumer products reach out through a Twelve-Step program to a Higher Power to help overcome our addiction? 2) How does God's inner harmony enter into this quest for a Higher Power?  The answers can only be outlined in a book of which this is an attempt.  To repeat -- I prefer real puzzles, not those made by professional puzzle makers.  Two of these real puzzles engaged my hobby time for years: the amount of energy each American consumes (a 1970s fixation), and the ethnic composition of Appalachia morphing into that of the United States (1980s to 2010).  However, this final real puzzle demands collaboration with others, for the unfolding solution requires more time than I have in the Indian Summer of my life.  This is truly a work in progress.
        Along with 99% of climate scientists I accept that an ecological catastrophe is in the offing if left unaddressed.  Aren't the threats to our civilization obvious and yet not easily remedied, for who reasons with terrorists?  However, these two threats (to climate and to civilization) merge into a single whole: Care for Earth and civilization are closely related, for without a balanced Earth there is no civilization, and without civilized cooperation our threatened Earth cannot be saved.  Thus, our goal is practical, to help believers in the future to work within a global collaboration needed to save our threatened planet and its residents.  This goes beyond a group of scientists and theologians discussing "The Theory of Everything," that formula stamped on outworn T-shirts.  Should a focus be to gather a critical mass to foment a revolution?  Or is this but an old man's wishful dream?

        Hurdles baffle us: our culture is paralyzed by addictions (drugs, alcohol, etc.) that make reasoning difficult.  A major, often unacknowledged, addiction relates to the lure of consumer products that socially affects virtually all within our modern culture.  Knowing our condition that is best understood by ex-addicts (not experts) is a humble start.  Furthermore, refraining from compromising with confirmed secularists may be shortchanging our efforts for universal collaboration, for some of these seek to be sincere agents of change working for a quality future for all.  Ex-addicts give witness to their recourse to a "Higher Power" as an essential element in their healing process.   Secularists accept urgency and need for collaboration, but all must first find areas of common agreement (first half of this book).    

        My choice of common areas of agreement is the many ways one can speak of extended harmony -- physical, chemical, biological, communicative, artistic, musical, psychological and collaborative.  In so doing, an emerging similarity is discovered that becomes ever more inclusive when engaging in areas of greater global cooperation.  The process opens up: all of us begin to discover a common goal of a higher quality of life, all achieved through a process of real puzzle-solving.  For the Christian believer, a "Higher Power" is a Triune God, a community of persons whose harmony extends throughout all created matter.  If you are tempted to create your own story, inclusiveness must be essential.
        The cynic tempts the activist within us: "Let it be;" "Eat, drink and be merry, for time is fleeting."  Yes, the invitation to that final fling is utterly enticing but, in the moment of a down to Earth calling, something more enticing emerges as part of the puzzle-solving process -- a better, though unpredictable future.  Far grander than my personal satisfaction is our acting together for a common good, the joint actions of brothers and sisters within the human family.  Yes, divisions exist but can be healed through harmonizing, and all of us learn to live together while tolerating differences.  Nonetheless, a purely secular response, avoiding "God talk," is a misguided approach that must be addressed in the light of a socially addicted culture, which negates total inclusiveness and collaboration.  Harmony demands greater togetherness.

        Deeds speak louder than words; an activism of the scope that can overcome the incredible tasks before us calls for people of faith in the future who are willing to harmonize.  Urgency drives this project in which emotion and intellect coalesce in an internal quest for a solid modus operandi.  To me, this goal for us, the social addicts of the world, is impossible without recourse to a Prime Analogue, a harmony within a Divine Community ringing as an echo in our ears and vibrating throughout the universe.  The urgent call is for all to resonate together, or else all is lost.  Our hope is one of trust that a critical mass can be assembled.  Note, this is not denominationally based; recall that some "Christians" have no concern about our planet's future.  Furthermore, the path ahead is uncertain, even for those believing in a successful conclusion.  Again, it takes more than thinkers with preconceived insights; The invitation is a collaborative venture together.

          The future calls, but is truly puzzling.  A shared mission is the most elementary specification of our common concern -- for believers in a personal God are confident as to where this journey will conclude, with aspects of uncertainty as to how to participate.  How does global collaboration advance at this urgent moment without honoring all potential contributions?  Change is needed by all, even within a believing community tempted to self-righteousness.  Growth is to be experienced by all even with differing uncertainties related to means (believers) and end (secularists).  For Christians, a theology of salvation requires a deepening understanding of our participative action in the Divine Plan: the Mystery of Divine Community unfolding before us.


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