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Daily Reflections Earth Healing

Earth Healing
featuring Daily Reflections
by Al Fritsch, S.J.


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Dear friends, we are reaching the ends of our resources.  Since January 2004, Earth Healing has provided online Daily Reflections, resources, and coverage of contemporary issues in spiritual, environmental, and social subjects.  Each month, we have visitors from over 100 countries. Through our outreach efforts, we reach many more. We ascribe to the principles of living simply through appropriate technology and operate on a very low budget with much donated labor. We strive to find creative means to offer our visitors the highest quality materials at minimal production cost. Now, due to changes in funding, we face many challenges in producing and providing the Earth Healing website service - without your help!

Earth Healing is a small nonprofit organization and this is perhaps our greatest asset. Proudly, we have been able to offer, free of charge, many of our materials. However, your support for our work is critical in order that we may continue to provide our Daily Reflections and other resources at no cost to the visitor. Operation and maintenance of this website alone is a constant monthly expenditure.

And that’s why we need the help of supporters like you! Your donation, in the amount of your choice,  will help ensure that our work will continue through this year and beyond, around the world! Thank you for your support, and your input and suggestions are always important to us.

The Earth Healing team

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